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2010-05-08 20:39:46 by RogerBK

Huh, time to change my post, don't you guys think??

Ugh, that post was freaking me out, I don't wanna tht post anymore, I'll just leave it here...


2010-03-29 15:44:39 by RogerBK

Awesome!!! it's finally 03/29, my birthday!! It's so cool to make one more year, a lot of hot girls hugging me, ppl laughing at school... I felt like I was GREAT.

My dad gave me a HP Mini netbook, it's just great... My mother gave me a shoe, my granparent gave me an Italy coat...

Just waiting for the other gifts from my grandfather(my dad's dad), because the Beck family is richer than the Chiesa family, but I like it, my whole family is united, it's time to be happy!

THX guys!!!

New Year's wishes

2010-01-11 12:17:28 by RogerBK

I'm doing my 2010 list of goals, here they are:
Get to Lvl 17, at least;
Have 15.000 mdals pts;
Get to Police Officer;
Make 13 years (hehe)
And survive until next year!!!
Happy New Year Newgrounds fans, users, mods, robots, animals and other weird ppl that enter i this weird site!!!


2009-11-19 15:51:17 by RogerBK

Hi gays... ops, guys!


2009-10-15 09:13:43 by RogerBK

I'm a little busy this month, (*uck...)
I didnt play so much games, i lost 5 medal ranks on nglogs, i was travelling, i need to be dedicated, but when i travel, i cant do nothing cuz i dont have a notebook(this pc is from my mother)yeah, i need to buy one...

Hey Guys!

2009-09-19 11:45:38 by RogerBK

Yeah, i knw that some people dont enter in my page, but is time to make a post!!
I am almost a year(i dont remember the day i entered)here in Newgrounds, and...Its Super cool!!

My next mission is to go to lvl 12, (it has 3 minutes im on lvl 11!!) and reach at leat 9000 medal points!!

Yeah, my first post is finished, cool...
Thanks for reading this bullshit, it just made u waste time!!