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2010-05-08 20:39:46 by RogerBK

Huh, time to change my post, don't you guys think??

Ugh, that post was freaking me out, I don't wanna tht post anymore, I'll just leave it here...


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2010-05-19 21:23:16

Great news, sounds like you're having a great time so far enjoying your "life" of yours. I sure wish mine was at least as good, but you can't have everything, can you? Gee that sure makes me feel awful...I think I should just drop dead right now and spare myself the misery :D!

Lucky you, you found a girl who might even like you! My advice to you is to go for it :D ! "Life is too short to be little", as a wise man once said, so seize the opportunity. And hell, if it doesn't turn out so bad, big deal right? You're still young, and with those sharp wits and looks about you, you're bound to have several suitors!

Soccer is a fine sport and the only sport that matters, as I'm sure many Brazillians will agree with that statement :P ! Then again, i'm not much of a "sports" person - I don't derive joy from handling and kicking balls around a field...

Also, welcome to the EGB, Private RBK. We'll make a fine soldier out of you yet!


RogerBK responds:

Hah, thank you guy, I'm pretty sure I'll make the right decisions in my life... Thanks for the advices!! :)


2010-05-23 13:01:14

I don't know about the rest of y'all, but I smell a Ponzi/Pyramid Scheme from JohnMay.

RogerBK responds:

JohnMay is trillionaire just right now... He discovered how to earn money for fre in the Internet...

Too bad he's not the guy he used to be before getting rich... :'(


2010-05-26 19:11:01


RogerBK responds:


Distrito Federal??


2010-05-26 21:36:53

Indeed. ;)

What's the name of the city, anyway? :P

RogerBK responds:


Perto de Cascavel e Foz do Iguacu!


2010-08-12 23:37:44

A 13 year old with good stats. Haven't seen that in a while. Im a year older and your stats are better then mine in every way. Cheers.

RogerBK responds:

No, You're an awesome NG user Domo, you're a NG Icon MOD!!! It's awesome!!!

Also, they're just numbers... ;D


2011-06-15 22:42:03

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